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12 New Years Resolutions For Small Businesses

By December 30, 2016 No Comments
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1 – Build a website

From aesthetic photographers to mom and pop shops, everyone is jumping on the website bandwagon. And why not? Creating and growing your network is an important way to establish your business and to stand out from the crowd. Not to mention it’s a killer way to get your name out there.  Since the core of your online presence is your website, this is your chance to charm all those potential customers. And luckily, Websome Live has beautiful website themes for all types of businesses.

2 – Be social

Whether we like it or not social media is a huge part of our daily routine. Without thinking, we check our Facebook, post pictures on Instagram, send messages on Snapchat and Tweet and Retweet without hesitation. With more than 1.71 billion monthly active users only on Facebook, it’s a no-brainer that every business owner should invest some time and effort in these platforms.

3 – Write a blog

If you’ve been thinking about hopping on the blogging train, now is the time. Writing a blog has heaps of benefits like positioning yourself or your brand as an influencer in your field and boosting your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) mojo for your website.

4 – Get mobile-friendly

With everyone constantly on the move today, it’s important that people can view your stunning site on the go – and when you create your website with Websome Instant, you’re already ahead of the game. Thanks to the Websome app, you can customise all of the essential aspects of your website to make sure it looks beautiful and runs effortlessly both on mobile devices and on desktops.

5 – Go Local

If you’re a small business with a physical storefront, we know your main goal is to get those shoppers through the front door. But how do you reach this target audience? You need to snag people right from their Google query. First thing’s first; make sure your name, phone number and address are written on your site.  This will help draw a clear path from a Google search straight to your store and result in – that’s right – more people walking through your door. This type of SEO for businesses with a shopfront is called “local SEO.”

6 – Build your brand and target the right audience

Today building your brand is a crucial part of any small business. It is the foundation and the core values that guide every step in your brand development strategy. Take time to understand your story and create an overall image that conveys who you are. Once you have a clear brand identity, you need to choose a target market. Figuring out who your probable customers are saves you both money and time so be sure to focus your marketing efforts on those who are most likely to shop with you.

7 – Run business tests

Whether you’re creating a new website or updating your existing one, you don’t have to guess which design or content gets the best results. By simply running business tests you can know for sure what’s working and what has to go. It’s perfect for checking and changing details of your site so you can increase your conversion rates and grab more sales.

8 – Go out and meet them

Don’t forget to go out and live a little! Sometimes, we can get so wrapped up in our online presence we forget that when it comes down to it, we’re social beings. Some of the best relationships are formed in a face-to-face meeting. In business, it’s essential to get to know people in your field and expand your horizons. As your business circles get bigger, your network of knowledge, creativity and resources expand.

9 – Use your calendar

Keep a calendar of national and internet holidays to get in the festive mood. Remember, satisfied shoppers are more likely to return, so don’t shy away from having a sale and offering an awesome deal.  Have a little fun! Break up the monotony of everyday shopping by offering your customers special coupons like a price discount coupon (for example, £25 off an item)

10 – Bring your website to life

Flaunt your talent by showing your visitors you’re totally up to date with the latest design trends. With the Websome Live Editor you can seamlessly integrate stunning video backgrounds from Youtube and Vimeo. You can choose from one of our eye-catching videos or upload one of you own. Expert tip: you can place them behind an entire page on your site or along a single full-width stripe.

11 – Stay up to date

It wasn’t too long ago when Facebook was the new kid on the block, boasting a reputation that it was just for procrastination rather than a tool for businesses to take advantage of. Today, Snapchat is the next big thing. But since social trends change all the time and new platforms pop up overnight, it’s best to figure out what channels your consumers are using and bring your marketing efforts to them.

12 – Give back

It always feels good to be part of a greater cause – so get creative and  find a charity that you like and share the love. Let people know you’re contributing by adding a stripe to your website that announces the charity of your choosing or use a popup to grab your site viewers’ attention. It can even be as simple as donating £1 from every purchase a customer makes; everyone knows sharing is caring!

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