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Turn a hobby into a business

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Some may call it a hobby, but for you it’s a year-long passion that keeps you inspired and fulfilled in your everyday life. Whether it’s photography, coffee-roasting or flower arrangements, a pastime activity can inject the right amounts of creativity, relaxation and fun into our daily routine. When you realize that your commitment to this activity grows and grows, and you also happen to get better and better at it, you might find yourself asking – should this become more than just a hobby?

If you’re leaning towards taking your hobby one step further, we have some great news. Today more than ever, you have an array of tools and platforms that can help you realise your dream and turn your hobby into a small business. From the ability to create a website on your own to the option of connecting with niche communities worldwide, jumpstarting a small business venture is becoming increasingly more accessible.

However, the transition from pastime activity to profit-making can be tricky. To help make it as smooth as possible, and to make sure that you don’t lose the drive and the passion for your hobby in the process, we are delighted to offer the following steps for how to make a business out of your hobby.

Establish an Effective Online Presence

Much of the contact you will be making with clients will take place online, and for many people in your target audience, the very first interaction with your business will take place on the web. To make the most out of these interactions you need to be ready with a stellar online presence, which means active and regular marketing and branding work on multiple platforms.

A solid online presence must include the following:

  1. A professional website that is both visually striking and offers all the content incentives for visitors to enhance their engagement with your brand. When you create a website with Websome, make sure you write content regularly to increase traffic that is arriving from search engine results.
  2. A regular website is definitely a must, but don’t forget about the mobile version too! More people than you imagine will try to access your site using a mobile device, and you definitely want to make a great impression on those visitors. If your using Websome this is automatic.
  3. Social media offers amazing opportunities for new and small businesses to develop a following. Before you begin, you will want to pick out the best platforms for your brand to be active on, and then continue to prepare a social marketing strategy.
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